Thursday, May 29, 2008

trying to catch up

i finally came to the realization that poor little sami needs to have her hair done. this pic was taken before church a couple of weeks ago. we actually were all ready on time. i'm wondering how i'm going to pull that off when this next baby is born and i have another little girl to get ready! anyway, i was a proud mommy this day because all my girls were lookin' pretty cute. mother's day was fabulous for me. derek always out does himself. he and the girls got these flowers for me, and they also got me a body pillow. (a need for every pregnant girl!!) the saturday before he took the older 2 girls for the afternoon so i could get stuff done around the house without interruption. then on sunday he let me sleep in and he made dinner. was a great day. i'm a lucky girl!

samantha turned 2 on may 27th. really for a 2 year old i wasn't planning anything but katelyn and annie thought that was a total ripoff, so i ended up making a cake and stuff. we also recycled our tj bearytales!! annie got it for christmas in '06, and lost interest in it shortly thereafter. so i pulled it out of the storeroom and gave it to sami!!! our friends, the evers, came over for cake and ice cream.


BEESTON said...

Hey I totally found your blog. Such cute girls! I love the ultrasound picture- any names yet?

Anonymous said...

Your girls look darling! Happy Birthday Samantha~when you left she was just a baby!! Miss ya!

The Biggs said...

Okay, so your girls are just so darling! That little one has fantastically brown it!