Thursday, May 8, 2008

our 1st of many dance recitals

ok, so i'm going back in time a bit. i haven't posted much i'm playing catch up. anyway. annie had her first dance recital a couple of weeks ago. i'm all about my girls taking dance and watching their dance recitals. but i realized i hate all the "extras" pieces, fake eyelashes, makeup. i mean doesn't matter out fancied up your kid's not going to make them dance better...right? anyway, derek and i were sitting there watching annie and it hit us that with 4 girls we might as well face the fact that we have a life of dance recitals ahead of us!! anyway, annie did great. lucky for me with a little mascara annie looks like she has fake eyelashes on because her eyelashes are so stinkin' long!!
it is crazy how different your kids can be. katelyn came straight from a soccer game, but don't let this fool you. annie is a bigger tomboy than katleyn....she just happens to like dance and katleyn likes sports. but get them outside and annie is the crazy daredevil and the one who thinks bugs are cool. katelyn's cautious and tries to like bugs...but really thinks they are "ga-rossssss."!

samantha was totally intrigued watching annie dance. she was rockin' out part of the time. derek is such a great dad. he is so supportive of everything the girls want to do. he's a good example to me because i'm more the type to not be very enthusiastic about stuff like this.


The Kahumokus said...

She looks adorable. You'll have to keep track of how many dance recitals you end up going to in your lifetime!

Becks said...

omi gosh i didnt knoe she started dance, well at least i remember all of their names ahah

p.s. y dont u guys ever answer my texts??