Wednesday, April 16, 2008

tv time

ok so biggest loser was amazing, wasn't it?! ali seriously blew me away. i'm so happy a girl finally won.

next...david cook was awesome on american idol. i love him. i almost want him to get voted off so he can just start making an album right now. it's amazing how he takes songs and changes them to his style....LOVE IT!!! you all know who i want voted off i won't go on that rampage again!!


Unknown said...

Biggest loser was absolutly the most amazing season I have seen, did you see her arms? she kicked but and earned it! I am so motivated but abviously a baby has to come first!

Yes' Cook was great, he is just a natural! Brooke very annoying again, w/ her expressions and such! Sorry Natalie!!!

P.S. how are you feeling?

The Hamlin Family said...

So, I was just catching up on your blog...and I REALLY like the name Nicole as well. Nikki is a cute name to call her by also and I think it fits PERFECTLY with your fmaily!!! I think we've FINALLY agreed on a name too...and once we agree on one...we better stop thinking of others because it's rare when we BOTH like a name!!! I hope you're feeling good...oh, and I agree about living somewhere where you make a difference. I love living here, because all our friends have so much in common...but I LOVED living out-of-state because your example can help others. I guess I can help people here I'll have to keep trying!!!

The Kahumokus said...

Don't worry about Brooke. I voted for her three times last night, one for me, one for Jenni, and one for you! (Just kidding...)