Thursday, April 24, 2008

st. george (spring break) pics....FINALLY!

it finally dawned on my that i never posted these. this trip couldn't have come at a better time. by march we were so sick and tired of winter, so the warm weather in st. george was heavenly. plus...the kids have a blast with their cousins.
we spent a day in vegas with the becks first, and we all went to the green valley ranch buffet. it's tradition, and we usually would pig out on crab. unfortunately the buffet "rules" have changed so we still had a good time, but i don't think we'll go back.
jeff and kristians always make sure they remain the favorites by totally kissing up!! the girls had fun blowing bubbles with them.
katelyn and allysah
shailee and annie
3 little monsters...chandler, samantha, and daxton

grandpa o. has a sweet little fire pit thingy, and the kids love making s'mores with him. it freaks grandma o. out, so she usually stays inside until it's over!!!!

katelyn and james have been best buds since they were born...we've had to explain to them 100 times that cousins can't get married. this trip though katleyn was all about hanging out with "the girls". it was kinda sad because it made me realize that she's growing up. (the pic is of jordyn, katleyn, kamryn, annie, and james's foot!)samantha and uncle jeff. we had all just eaten at the pizza factory...another tradition! sami kept finding jeff's hat and wearing it the whole trip!grandma and grandpa o. have a really nice hot tub in their backyard. grandpa is so good about keeping the tempature low so the kids can get in it and swim. it tons of fun for them. (here again is jeff and kristina kissing up! ha ha ha ha)


Unknown said...

We love pizza factory too so you need to call me next time you visit wo we can meet up, or you guys can come to our home!

Becks said...

i cant believe u put pics of me being crazy and wearing the dress over the jeans on there!!! haha but yeah and that pic of us at gvr was rite before channi threw up haha!eeeewww!!!

: ]

Becks said...

gee and thanx for the support my life is way busier than u think i babysit do hw and dance.. and i also try to find time to chill with friends.. so haha jk im just joking!! haha but yeah thanx!!


bows and more said...

Hi I got your comment from my baby name blog! How fun to be having your fourth girl! You have darling girls! I saw that you decided on the name Nicole, I have always loved that name, the only thing I could think of though is that her initals will be "NO" Not that it is a big deal or anything, I just thought I would bring it to your attention in case you might not have thought about it! But it does go with your other girls names! Hope that does not bug you that I told you that! Take care and good luck!