Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monsoon Waterfalls

we live about 2 minutes from the dam.  page is to the left when you're looking at these pictures.  anyway, we had heard there are cool waterfalls when it rains really hard so we finally decided to check it out.  when we first started driving across the bridge we could only see a little tiny waterfall.  we were wondering what the big deal was.  so we turned around and drove back across the bridge and then we saw what people were talking about!!!  they were beautiful.  (derek and i get a little terrified when we realize the power of water.)  oh, and derek just dropped me off with the camera, because the camera kept focusing on the chain link fence, and so we didn't stop traffic!  lexi still talks about "mommy in the rain"!

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Jeff and Melina Burgess said...

that is awesome! I have always wanted to be at the Lake so I could see that!