Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Katelyn Grace

10 was an exciting birthday for Katelyn.  She got her 1st professional haircut.  ok, not really.  she's had a trim before etc... but this time she got "layers" and she was very excited about it.  our good friend, Leslie, cut it for her birthday gift.  it does look very healthy and pretty now.

 next jeff and elea came for her birthday party.  we opened presents at home and then loaded up to go to lone rock beach.

 katie was pretty excited about all her gifts!

 McKenna Tubman, Samantha, Alexis, Sophia Brian, Katelyn, Kelsey Smith, Annie, Elea
 at our new house there's a basketball hoop in the driveway.  now she has a ball to practice with once we move.
 juicy lexi kisses!

 Clayne has a hat on because Jeff (ok... we) shaved his head, WITHOUT kristina being present and we promised to not let his head get sunburned.  (we're all in BIG trouble.)  he looks SO CUTE tho!!!

 another exciting thing about turning 10 was Katelyn got braces.  she had been asking for them for about 2 years, and she FINALLY got them!!

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The Evers Family said...

Katelyn looks beautiful!