Thursday, July 15, 2010

Katelyn's 9! (June 8th, but better late than never!)

i can't believe my oldest is 9!  it's difficult for me to let my girls do things that older girls do, so it was a big step for katelyn to be allowed to shave her legs!  she stopped wearing shorts awile ago and it's because kids at school were commenting on her hairy legs!  (for the record that comes from derek's side of the family...)  she was pretty excited about it.
katelyn requested waffles with cool whip and strawberries for breakfast.
she also got a blue ipod shuffle and mario galaxy 2 for the wii.  (i'm not sure what blue or green thing she had eaten before opening presents!)
later we had homemade ice cream cake... not sure where the pictures of that are?!
this was katelyn when she was 4.  she has grown up to be a great girl.  she knows right from wrong and usually chooses wisely!  she loves helping out with her little sisters.  she likes when we give her big girl responsibilities.  she's a goofball, and very boy crazy.  i have to say she is pretty much a lot like her momma!

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday katelyn! What a sweet gorgeous girl!
Oh and I am sure I will freak out when Kambryn starts shaving her legs. Agh! miss you guys!