Tuesday, February 16, 2010

December in a Nutshell

The girls had a dance recital on 12-11-09.  It's funny to me that all 4 of my girls can be SO different.  Katelyn dances very well, but performing completely humiliates her.  She has decided that she'll be sticking to sports!  Annie is a good little dancer, but has way too much fun making people laugh.  She was giggling and biting her nails during her performance!  Samantha surprised us all... again!  She did every step and then stood at the front of the stage bowing and waving when it was over!  Grandma and Grandpa Oliverson came and watched.  The next day we went to Lake Havasu City to go shopping and out to eat.  Annie entertained herself by snapping photos while we were driving!
The weekend before Christmas we took a trip to St. George.  The girls got in the hot tub and played with their cousins.  Santa made a guest apperance to our family Christmas party.  We also found out about an awesome place to go hiking really close to where Derek's mom and dad live.  We went with the Becks and the kids had a great time together.
Grandma & Grandpa Sullivan and Uncle Thomas came to our house for Christmas.  This picture is right before eating our Christmas Eve dinner.  Not to shabby for just setting the camera timer and making a run for it!!!
Alexis is my little angel baby!!  She is so happy and smiley and loving all of the time!

After dinner the MEN helped the girls make ginger bread houses.  It took a little coaxing to get them to agree to it, but as you can tell they got into it!!!
My mom and I did dishes while the men and children built their masterpieces.  We also got a little silly... we took most of those pictures with my mom's cell phone, but i can tell you they including a sparkling cider bottle, a brown paper bag, and us on the floor!!
Traditional Christmas Eve pjs.
Christmas Morning!!!!  The suspense was killing them!!

We gave the girls a tramp this year.  It has been the best thing ever!!  I have to admit... it was for me just as much as it was for them!!  Alexis will try to con anyone into taking her out and jumping with her!!

Jeff is really good about spending one on one time with each of the girls.  He spent quite a bit of time with Samantha out on the tramp.  Jeff, Kristina and Elea came to Kingman on Christmas Day.

Sullivan Family
December 27, 2009
(Again... not to shabby for setting the camera on a brick wall and making a run for it!!!)

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Katie Hansen said...

Look at Thomas, is he handsome or what? That picture with your Dad helping with the gingerbread houses looks like he's dumping frosting on his own granddaughter's head! And you're right about kids being so different. I feel the same about my boys. I want to see the pictures from your mom's phone. They sound SWEET!!