Thursday, June 4, 2009


in downtown omaha there are these big slides. we heard about them the first year we lived in omaha, but it wasn't until our last month there that we finally went and checked them out. our kids loved them and went down there 3 times before moving. (once with a group of friends, once with our extended family, and once with the Goates. when we went witht the Goates we ate dinner on the grass and the kids fed the geese too.) i'm going to smash all the pics from the 3 trips into one post!!!
katelyn & annie
"WERD"! annie, katelyn, and samantah
annie & the back of katelyn's head!
alexis & jeff
jeff & samantha
derek & annie
annie & katelyn

jack & creigh
janel & kambryn
benson & jenny, creighton


allie & mitch
left to right: janel, kyle, kambryn, allie, derek, me, samantha, rich, shauna, tanner, benson, andrew. thank you jenny for taking the pic!
ben enjoying a chocolate chip cookie!


Melanie said...

Good job updating your blog. The slides look like a fun time. Your girls are so stink'n cute! So glad you are in St.George for a short time, we must get together more than once.

Edwards trio said...

I LOVE those slides. I can't believe you lived here for so long and only went at the very end...kudos to you for cramming in so many trips. Hope the move went well. We missed you at Bunko tonight!

kara said...

Luckily I had the pleasure of visiting the giant slides last month! I hope they took Amelia down and you got to see her terrified face. Is that mean that I thought it was hilarious? Thanks for the update! I'm sad that I won't get any more of my kin through your updates, (goodness knows how often Shauna updates) but I'm still going to check up on your cute girls!
ps- I though Derek's brother was him. Are they twins or what?

Shauna said...

Yeah for pictures! Yeah for the happy faces in the pictures! Major sadness for not being two doors down anymore! This blog better be updated weekly, (if not daily!:)

Shauna said...

Today is June 14th, it has been TEN DAYS since an update, TEN DAYS!! Come on man, some people still look over at your sliding glass door here in the Village waiting for you to magically appear back in Omaha:)

Unknown said...

Hey I love the pictures!! Oh and especially the one of Shauna on the slides! Miss you guys!!

Bleak's said...

Hey hope all is well! I have been waiting for an update on how you guys are all doing. Love the slide pictures, you got cute ones of the kids and funny ones of Andrew and Shauna. Shauna is so lady like! :) Miss you guys!