Friday, August 22, 2008

random thoughts...

so, samantha and i have had 1 school week together. monday and tuesday were a little rough because sam had a double ear infection, and her 2 year molars are coming in. but the rest of the week was fun. we went to the zoo, the children's museum, the park, walmart (x2), costco, and other random things. it's been alot of fun with just the 2 of us. i don't know if it's in my head, but it seems like she talking a little bit more. AND...last night i put her in the tub and she screamed..."sit on the potty." i usually sit her on the toilet just for fun before her shower, but this was the first time it was her idea. so i got her out and put her on the toilet and she PEED!! ha haha ha i was freaking out!! she'd never done that was amazing!! i was jumping around making a very big deal about it. she kept wanting to give me high fives about 100 times!! i had almost lost hope that she would ever be ready to potty train, but i have new hope now!!

a friend of mine told me about the yummiest thing ever. in the frozen section at costco there are these pink bags with yoplait smoothy mixes in them. the smoothies packet thingies have frozen yogurt and berries in them. you just add 1 cup of milk, and then blend it all up in a blender. they are SOOOOOOO GOOD!! anyway, very worth trying.


Shanna said...

Thanks a lot, now I think I have to go to Costco!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you know you shouldn't suggest things like that to a pregnant woman.

Jaimie said...

That is so awesome that Samantha peed in the potty. I can remember how exciting that is! I am glad you have had a nice week with just Samantha. I think her name is so cute.

I am excited to look for those smoothie packets at my Costco. Thanks for the idea. I want to go right now.

kristina said...

JUST IN TIME! That's awesome she wanted to go on the potty all on her own. She was probably so proud of herself since you were making such a big deal about it.

The St. George costco better have those smoothie things or I am gonna be ticked.

Hey-- by this time next week your little baby will be 2 days old maybe! Crazy!

Melissa ( Twin # 1 ) said...

Hey Angie !!!
I just found your blog !!! How are you guys doing ??? It's been such a long time since the good old Ward in Vegas !!! Well we live in Tucson now, 2 boys and one more on the way, Still don't know what it is yet but hoping for a GIRL. looks like you have lots of those !!!! Hey check out my blog, and I will put you on my list of friends too.
I'm using this one site, but starting switch everything to blogger. Here is my site click on my e-mail on the left and I can add you in my contacts.It was so good to see how you guys are doing.
Melissa Jenkins

Unknown said...

At least she'll sit, Jenna hates it right now. I hope to get her to sit ince or twice a day and I'm excited. Hope all i well, we don't talk much anymore.