Thursday, March 20, 2008

seriously addicted

i mentioned before that derek got me adobe photoshop elements for my birthday. well, that would be the reason i have failed to do anything else!! every free second i get i'm scrapbooking away. luckily i'm not spending anymore money, because i've found every scrapbooking supply i could possibly ever need online for free. it has been costing me alot of time, BUT i have made a pretty good progress. i am trying to catch up on about 6 years!!! so, if i'm failing to blog that would be why. if i can figure out how to do it...i'll post some of the pages i've made. for those of you who like to digitally scrapbook you have to check out it's the best.


Sarah said...

that's awesome Angie. i've been wanting to get into digital for a long time but just haven't yet. I think i would do it more if i did to the digital thing.

rachaeljanae said...

Dowloading alone can really eat up time, but FREE! I just glanced at that site and it looks awsome. Thanks for sharing. I will look closer at it tonight when I can spend some time perusing.

The Kahumokus said...

I want to see some of the stuff you've done! It sounds good.