Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

katelyn was a vampire princess this year. she looked pretty AND creepy...i'm not really sure how she pulled that off!

annie was a witch, and her hair was quite the project! kristina and i ratted and hairsprayed for about 20 minutes! some how she stilled got comments from other people about how cute she looked!
samantha was a duck (for some reason alot of people thought this was funny...i don't get it), but an opened can of diet pepsi was left were she could reach it, and by the time she was finished with it she was soaked!!! derek took the older girls out trick or treating and samantha stood at the door with a shoe in each hand crying because she wanted to go. so...i took her out for about 5 minutes...without a costume!
we live by a forest/wooded area, and there are squirrels everywhere...they LOVE pumpkin. by the time we realized this annie's cat pumpkin looked like it got shot in the eye with a bb gun!!


Shanna said...

Wahoo!! Seriously, this is addicting!! WAY FUN!! The kids look way cute. You guys went a little crazy with hair and makeup I must say.

JoAnna Anderson said...

Love the costumes & love that you are blogging! The more you get into the the more fun & interesting your life seems to be!